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An Introduction to 32 Not Out

Hello! Welcome to the new and potential catalyst for a number 1 best seller or in reality an in-depth dive into the life and times of.... Me and the world of cricket and my experience of the beautiful game.


I'll go back to where it all began (and consequently where things started to go downhill) and bring you up to date over a series of posts. Hopefully you will be able to use some of my experiences to help you in reaching your goals or for the majority, just realising how I turned out how I am!

So why 32 not out?? Well, it's celebration that somehow I've managed to make it to 32 and still in cricket, and subsequently still breathing!

So, let me introduce myself,


My name is Andy, a former Northamptonshire Pathway cricketer, current player in the Cherwell Premier League hunting promotion into the Home Counties league. I am a Batting all-rounder and bowl a vicious array of 'Warne' like leg breaks. (Minus the drug use and Blonde locks.)

I also had a fairly good standard of a Rugby background until a scrum collapsed on me causing one too many injuries and being advised that cricket was a safer bet and one which I was genuinely better at and probably enjoyed more, however, I do miss the immense feeling of absolutely smashing a ball carrier off their feet at full tilt with 16 stone into the rib cage! But that is just one of the sacrifices I gave up to continue in the wonderful game of cricket.

Cricket has been very good to me over the many years of chasing leather. It has taken me around the globe, with plenty of ups and downs along the way. To date I've scored almost 26,000 runs from starting my first game of mens cricket on the side of what seemed liked a slope you'd expect to find at Val d'Isère rather than Badby. Which sadly no longer exists. It was a proud club which had been established since 1855, but sadly due to participation numbers falling and internal politics and the usual level of help from the governing body, like a lot of clubs it slowly disappeared.

From that slope, cricket has taken me to Lords, Glamorgan's old county ground in Swansea, where Sobers hit the famous six 6’s, to Perth WA where Emerald Park in Edgwater saw my first overseas 100 and from there to the dizzy heights of places like Rothwell, Cumnor and now the viper pit that is Twyford.

To be continued...

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